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Innovative Dynamic Furniture

It is not just a stool; it’s a way of learning
It allows children to sit comfortably in natural positions
Active sitting that’s flexible & free
Realize children’s full potential through movement
Helps children to focus in class
Improves learning and promotes intellectual growth
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1. Soft, fabric covered convex seat pad with multiple color options
2. Light weight and durable ABS seat frame with under-seat grip handles for easy transport
3. Pneumatic cylinder available in rotatable and non-rotatable versions, available in standard height and bar-stool height
4. Slip-resistant TPR base pad that provides stability during dynamic sitting
5. 80mm/90mm seat height adjustment range
6. Pneumatic cylinder button 
7. Multiple seat post and base color options
8. Light weight and durable ABS convex base for easy movement in every direction

4 colors optional, to fit different environments color tones
Height adjustable, suitable for 10-year-old kids to adults
2 kinds of gas lift options, rotatable gas lift or non-rotatable gas lift, providing different sitting and rocking experience

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