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Innovative Dynamic Furniture

It is not just a stool; it’s a way of learning
It allows children to sit comfortably in natural positions
Active sitting that’s flexible & free
Realize children’s full potential through movement
Helps children to focus in class
Improves learning and promotes intellectual growth
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1. Flexible seat inner structure for all day comfort
2. Multiple seat frame, post and base color options
3. 3 pneumatic cylinder seat height range options to adjust to multiple users
4. 4 base styles: active, flat, caster and 5-star caster
5. Soft, fabric covered seat pad with multiple color options and optional plastic back
6. Pneumatic cylinder button (push to raise/lower seat)
7. Aluminum seat frame with under-seat handles for easy transport
8. No tools required for assembly
9. Light weight and durable plastic convex base for easy movement in every direction
10. Slip-resistant TPR base pad that provides stability during dynamic sitting

High-class aluminum main structure with high-gloss ABS base, enhancing the overall quality & level
Improved inner structure and enlarged size, to provide better sitting experience
4 colors of seat upholstery optional, to fit different environments color tones
Height adjustable, 3 height ranges, suitable for 10-year-old kids to adults
Flat base version & caster base version optional

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