Zenfoo Innovative Dynamic Furniture was built up to create a new fashion and trend of seating. As a professional manufacturer with strong design and development capability, we work and service to improve your experience wherever you work, learn and live.   The common application and realization of ergonomics on a seating is to provide various support for the body so as to enable people to sit still for all day long. But researches demonstrate that sitting still for long time is not good for people’s physical and psychological health, and more importantly can re... 【more】
  • {f.InfoTitle} Zenfoo Innovative Dynamic Furniture, showing in 2017 Shanghai CIFF 2017-09-07

    Zenfoo Innovative Dynamic Furniture showing in the 2017 CIFF Shanghai, new collections of active seating and tables will be launched. Look forward to seeing you! Booth#: 7.2 C60 Time: September 11-14th, 2017 Location: Shanghai Hongqiao Exhibition Center    New collections of innovative dynamic furniture coming!   Zenfoo’s new collections of innovative dynamic furniture ...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Upgraded new brand LUCA+ active sitting launched 2017-09-02

    The upgraded new brand LUCA+ active sitting will be launched in the coming Guangzhou CIFF. Combining the advantages of the previous series active sitting, LUCA+ series is upgraded on all aspects from design to materials selection. It must bring you more comfortable sitting experience. Seat upgrade- larger and more comfortable Material upgrade- molded formed aluminum structure, for highe...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Good show on 2017 Guangzhou CIFF 2017-04-01

    The 2017 Guangzhou CIFF was just over. Much appreciate that all customers coming and visiting. The new collection of LUCA+ has won great reaction on the show, with a lot of interests and estimated orders. We'll keep designing and developing more and more innovative and high qualified furniture in the coming future. Let's keep in touch and update!  

  • {f.InfoTitle} New items launching in 2017 Guangzhou CIFF 2017-03-06

    On the coming 39th CIFF (Guangzhou), new series of LUCA+ active sitting will be launched, with a whole collection from guest chair to bar chair, to meet different customers needs. Welcome to visit us! Booth#: 11.3 D03 Time: March 28-31st, 2017 Location: Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center  

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